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Connect with other Volunteers and Leaders

Between Girl Scout meetings and all of your kids’ other activities (plus, oh yea, family time), attending a monthly Girl Scout service unit meeting may seem out of the question. But remember, being a troop leader isn’t a solo activity, and as you continue to grow with Girl Scouts, these service unit meetings will become even more valuable! These monthly meetings, led by the service unit volunteers, are meant to create a tight-knit sense of community within North Beaverton, providing personal support, local resources, inspiration, and answers that every Girl Scout volunteer should take advantage of. Please come join us the 2nd Thursday of every month during the school year.

Volunteer meetings for the 2019-20 school year are on the SECOND Thursday of each month, from 7pm-8:30pm. There are only 10 meetings a year, so please have a troop leader, co-leader or a parent attend as many as possible. 

Monthly Volunteer Meetings

Upcoming Meetings: Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 12, Jan. 9, Feb. 13, March 12, April 9, May 14, June 11
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Location: St. Andrew Lutheran Church / 12405 SW Butner Rd / Beaverton, OR 97005


Previous Meetings

December 13, 2018

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Cookie training

Time to talk cookies! At this month’s meeting we went over changes to cookie prices this year, changed to eBudde and digital cookie sales. All important cookie dates were presented. Packets were handed out to Troops that included cookie information, pre-sales forms, and money envelopes. If you missed this important cookie meetings, find more info and important cookie dates here.

November 8, 2018

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Volunteer toolkit training and NOI tutorial

This week was full of information including training on the volunteer toolkit (adding and removing troop members/girls, etc) and a tutorial on how to fill out the newly designed Notice of Intent to Travel (NOI) form. We also had Troop 40287 tell us about Parents Night Out, an event they’re putting on to raise money for their senior year trip, where you can drop your child(ren) off for some much deserved time to yourself. This event is on Dec. 7th form 6-9pm. More information on their flyer here >

October 11, 2018

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Linda Sinclair

Linda Sinclair

Guest Speaker Linda Sinclair

Linda is a former Special Education teacher in the Beaverton School District and currently teaches parenting classes at Providence St. Vincent. She has decades of experience working with challenging and special needs children, and will come discuss how to work with them in your troop setting. Linda has supplied a huge list of Girl Scout inclusion resources >

September 1, 2018

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Introducing Girl Scout Bucks

This week we made special DIY bags to hold our GS Bucks. What are GS Bucks? These are handed out at meetings and events for any of the following reasons and behaviors:

  • Showing up to meetings

  • Volunteering

  • Being a part of the flag ceremony

What can you do with GS Bucks? At the end of the year we will have a silent auction with all kinds of gift baskets, certificates, and other items that have been donated to us. You will have the chance to buy these.