SU8 Leadership Positions

The following positions are what comprise the SU8 team. We are all volunteers who most likely are troop leaders as well (and mothers of busy children, wives and employees with full time jobs). Bare with us as we find time to respond to your questions. If you are interested in joining our team, we’d love share in depth more about what each position does - just email


Service unit managers (SUM) are what we consider the cheerleaders for troop leaders and service teams. They are comfortable speaking in public and do not hesitate to jump in and help other service team positions be successful. They run organized meetings and know how to engage troop leaders at volunteer meetings. They support progression and help develop a sense of community and purpose within the service unit. SUM’s are stellar communicators and know how to make people feel appreciated. While we couldn’t fit the entire job description into a few lines, we invite you to become an SUM and move your service unit forward into 2021! 

An important responsibility of the SUM position is to keep everyone in the service unit informed by taking on the role of communications coordinator (CC). CC’s love the challenge of developing a plan to actively communicate Girl Scout news and opportunities to members. They are the glue that keeps everyone up-to-date and informed. CC’s are indispensable in inviting new volunteers to service unit meetings and making sure everyone is receiving all facets of service unit communication. 


2019-20 Service unit manager (SUM)
Lauren Maurey /

Data Specialist

Formerly known as the registrar, this position has been revamped this year to become more of an enhanced registrar position that provides the service team with data support. The service unit data specialist or SUDS is the expert on all things data and has a special place in their heart for Excel and other database-driven software. Using ctrl+F is a SUDS favorite pastime and ensuring troop leaders have correct troop rosters is a point of pride. SUDSs will be responsible for making sure troops are meeting the basic requirements to be considered active as well as qualified to participate in the Fall Product and Girl Scout Cookie Programs. 

While we would love to get into the nitty gritty details about all the ways you will be supporting volunteers in your area with your data processing superpowers, we want to save a few things for the training in August! For now what we can tell you is that about 25% of the position responsibilities have stayed the same as the previous “registrar” position and we have replaced the other 75% with activities that will really make things easier for your area’s troop leaders and service teams. We are looking for folks to fill this position that will be thrilled when troop qualification reports come out and their service unit is at the top of the list for qualified active troops. If you get excited about ways to shortcut finding information in Excel and can teach us a thing or two we think you would be perfect for this positon. 


2019-20 Data specialist
Sarah Wishert-Pfel /

Product Manager

The service unit product manager organizes, manages, supports and promotes the product sale programs within the service unit. The product manager assists leaders with integrating the product sales components of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience into their troop product sales program. In many service units, the product manager is also a leader who oversees other service unit team members to fill the responsibilities needed for successful product sales. The service unit product manager acts as an integral part of the entire service team assisting other team members throughout the year as needed while contributing to the overall positive health of the entire service area. The product manager works in close partnership with the Product Sales department and staff liaison. 


2019-20 Fall product sales coordinator
Rachel Woody /


2019-20 Cookie product sales coordinator
Cristin Rosenbaum /

Membership Growth Manager (MGM)

Membership growth managers bring their creative spark to engage service teams, troops, and Girl Scout families in opportunities to invite new girls and adult volunteers to join Girl Scouts. Together you’ll plan and organize fun activities like: 

  • Troops tabling at events in their own school and community (Back-to-School and family reading/science nights, Main Street festivals, children’s activities at libraries) 

  • Participation in local events like parades or service projects 

  • Bring-a-friend service unit events 

This position is all about building a positive presence for our Movement in your own communities, because when more girls are Girl Scouts, everyone benefits! 


2019-20 Membership growth manager for all branches
Crystal McKim /

Volunteer Mentor

Are you a people person? Do you value coaching and mentoring others to be the best versions of themselves? Do you get excited seeing leadership in action and knowing you played a role in it? If so, you should consider becoming a service unit volunteer mentor! 

The volunteer mentor is the key player in: 

  • introducing new troop leaders to the service unit, 

  • supporting new troop leaders as they become confident and comfortable in their roles by conducting New Leader Orientations, 

  • helping new troop leaders build strong relationships with service team members, and 

  • providing ongoing learning opportunities and support to volunteers throughout the year! 

You might see the Volunteer Mentor running fun learning activities at a team or volunteer meeting, creating cohorts of new troop leaders for networking and support, and guiding new troop leaders through their own adult training progressions. Because at Girl Scouts, we want all new troop leaders to feel welcome and most importantly, prepared! 

2019-20 Volunteer mentor
We are looking to fill this volunteer roll. If you’re interested, please email

Girl Experience Manager (GEM)

Do you get excited talking about Girl Scouts to others? Are you an experienced Girl Scout leader that has enjoyed guiding girls on their path to a lifetime of leadership, success, and adventure? Are you passionate about Girl Scout traditions and ceremonies? Do you enjoy learning about badges and Journeys? Do you enjoy mentoring or coaching? If so, consider becoming a girl experience mentor (GEM)! 

The girl experience mentor (GEM) will be monumental in: 

  • understanding the Girl Scout Difference. 

  • coaching and mentoring troop leaders about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. 

  • providing ongoing educational opportunities for the service unit about program opportunities such as: new Girl Scout badges, Journeys, awards, and upcoming events. 

  • year-long mentorship about Girl Scout traditions and ceremonies. 

The GEM will have a wealth of knowledge on all things Girl Scouts! You might see them teaching troop leaders about badges, Journeys, progression and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE)! And, helping troop leaders navigate the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)! 


2019-20 Girl Experience Manager (GEM)
Jamie Rivers /

Event & Travel Coordinator (ETC)

Service unit event and travel coordinators (ETCs) are responsible for coaching leaders to run girl-led events at the troop and service unit level and to go on progressive, girl-led trips. If you are a pro at letting girls lead the way, whether they are planning World Thinking Day or heading into the woods for a campout, this is the position for you! You should be comfortable explaining the “why” of progression and girl-led planning and help troop leaders support girl leadership at every level. The ETC approves troop travel and oversees service unit events to give girls and troop leaders a positive, supported Girl Scout Leadership Experience. 

2019-20 Event & travel coordinator (ETC)
We are looking to fill this volunteer roll. If you’re interested, please email


Service unit treasurers are a vital part of the service unit team and interact both with troops and the treasurer liaison to ensure that everyone is on track for financial success, which directly leads to more opportunities for girls! Collecting and reviewing Troop Financial Reports (form #108), assisting troops with bank account set up and updates, sharing information for progression in financial skills for both adults and girls, creating budgets, keeping accurate records, and maintaining the service unit bank account are at the heart of this position. 

The time commitment for this role is varied throughout the year with a slower pace during winter and spring and a stronger dedication to financial reports in the summer months. Whether you’re working with troop treasurers or maintaining the SU’s finances, your organizational skills and attention to detail will be greatly valued as a service unit treasurer! 


2019-20 Treasurer
Amber Bytheway /

Council Liaison

The role and responsibilities of the Council Liaison are to enhance communication between the Council, Board and group; clarify Council and Board intent regarding the group charge; help establish context for the group’s work; operate in the best interests of the whole consortium (standard committee expectation) rather than representing or emphasizing the needs of a particular point of view, a single member or type of institution, etc.; avoid appearing to serve as de facto Chair of the group; and avoid giving the impression that the Council Liaison’s input carries any greater weight than that of other group members.


GSOSW Staff and Council Liaison for SU8
Tiffany Howard /