Money-Earning vs. Adult Fundraising


What is the difference?

“Money-earning” refers to activities following a budget that are planned and carried out by girls in partnership with adults to earn money for the troop/group treasury. Money-earning activities have program value for girls with “earning” being the operative word. The girls provide products (i.e. gift cards, groceries, and other supplies) or services (i.e. car wash, baby- sitting, dog walking, etc.) in exchange for payment.

Adult fundraising refers to a relationship between a Girl Scout volunteer and a donor - one in which the donor lends sup- port to the troop/group in the form of money or products/services to benefit the troop/group’s budgeted activity and may receive a tax deduction, as allowable by law. Fundraising is the responsibility of the adult members of the council. Girls are not allowed to solicit funds.

So what does that mean?

Basically, the main difference is who will be planning and organizing the fundraising event. If it is adults organizing the event and asking for funds, then it is considered an adult fundraising event. If it is the girls who are planning and organiz- ing the event and performing the service to earn the money, then it is considered a money-earning activity.

There are some additional differences between these two activities. Look at them closer in the Financial Facts 101 PDF.