The Most Amazing Experiences Start with Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a unique opportunity for our girls to not only earn money as a troop to use for activities and fun field trips, but also to develop important life skills. It is the largest girl program in our council with over 80% of Girl Scouts participating.


 We need a new COOKIE CUPBOARD volunteer ASAP! Click image for more information.

We need a new COOKIE CUPBOARD volunteer ASAP! Click image for more information.

We need your help! Volunteer now to help with the cookie cupboard

We need a NEW VOLUNTEER to help make cookie cupboard possible for this upcoming cookie season. If we don’t get a volunteer, you will need to drive to Tualatin to pick up cookies anytime you need to fill your order. That’s a lot of gas and time commitment just to pick up cookies. So please, reach out to if you can spare your garage (or half a garage) for a few months this cookie season. But we need YOUR HELP in 2019 to make this possible.

Service Unit proceeds from cookie sales

With each box of cookies costing $5, where does all that cookie "dough" go? 

  • Troop who participate receive $0.95 for every box they sell (average based on various earning opportunities),

  • $1.05 Cost of product, transportation, promotion, Service Unit proceeds, rewards, administrative costs and debt. ($2.05 is the related costs for specialty cookies retailing at $5.00 per package)

  • $2.26 supports direct service to girls and adults


Cookie season Prep time!

We would like to announce that as extra incentive for getting the Cookie Season 2019 Intent to sell form filled out and qualifying with all training requirements completed and ready for this season by the November 23 date, you will be eligible for EARLY ACCESS Cookie Training. You will also be allotted additional Scout bucks from our SU Manger, Kelly for having your troop Qualified by 11/23.

Early Access Cookie Trainings:

  • Experienced Cookie Manager Training on 11/26 Times and location will be disclosed to those who qualify for these trainings

  • Newbie Cookie Manager Training on 11/27 Times and location will be disclosed to those who qualify for these trainings

All others who qualify by the December 7, council deadline:

  • Newbie Cookie Manager Training on 12/11 from 6pm-9pm / Location TBA

  • Experienced Cookie Manager Training on 12/13 after SU Meeting / St. Andrew Lutheran Church / 12405 SW Butner Road

Thank you and if you have any questions please direct them to our Product Team at

Qualification Reminders

Troops that submitted Intent to Sell Cookie by noon on Saturday (11/17) should have received an email stating they qualify or if they were missing something. If it's a training that is missing, let the Registrar know that the missing trainings have been completed and I'll verify that everything is updated with the council reports to reflect as such.

Remember that if you are going to have adults register to help with cookie booths and such, try to get them registered sooner than later. Keep checking your troop roster for accuracy and if there is a girl or adult that is no longer participating, please communicate the situation with the registrar and the girl or adult can be moved as needed.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the December 7th Deadline. All Requirements must be met on or before this date!! Please note the Following Requirements for the 2019 Cookie Season:

  1. *Troop Financials are done and turned in. (they were due 6/30/18)

  2. *Your Troop has a bank account with TWO Registered and Background check signers

  3. * Troop has TWO Registered and Background Checked LEADERS

BOTH LEADERS need to have the following trainings completed (No Exceptions):

  • GS 101

  • Volunteer Essentials & Safety

  • Troop Finance

  • Leadership JumpStart

TROOP COOKIE MANAGER needs to have the following trainings (No Exceptions):

  • GS 101

  • Troop Finance

  • Volunteer Essentials

Questions? Contact

Important Cookie Dates


Begin on January 4, 2019

In Person Order Taking

Begin on January 5, 2019

Booth Sales

Start February 15, 2019


January 4th: Digital cookie orders begin

January 5th: In-person orders begin

January 10th: Booth sale spreadsheets due

January 12th: Final date to receive cookie training 

January 13th: First round of reserving booths

January 15th: Second round of reserving booths

January 17th: Third round of reserving booths

January 18th: Deadline for troop transfers

January 20th: Fourth round of reserving booths

January 20th: Pre-sales ends

January 21st: Troop initial orders entered and submitted in ebudde by midnight. Initial recognition orders submitted in ebudde by midnight

January 22nd: SUPM submit SU/cupboard and initial order recognitions by midnight

February 7th-13th: Delivery/pickup of initial orders

February 9th: Depot Day

February 15th: Booth sales begin

February 22nd: 50% OF GIRL'S INITIAL ORDER DEPOSIT DUE (No extensions and council will freee your ebudde)

March 1st: Girl delivery ordering ends

March 4th: Final cookie order due to wearhouse by 6am

March 10th: ALL SALES END


March 12th: Final recognitions entered and submitted by troops in ebudde by midnight


March 12th: Troops submit missing funds reports to SUPM

March 15th: SUPM must submit final recognition order in ebudde by midnight 

March 22nd: SUPM submit any missing funds reports to GSOSW

Tools for Cookie Program Success


Safety is our first priority

Before participating in any money-earning Girl Scout activity, it is super important that girls and adults review the following materials—and remember to print and sign the Internet Safety Pledge.


Cookie FAQ's

Q: What are the approved selling methods my troop and I can partake in?
Read the Approved and Prohibited Selling Methods document to make sure your troop is putting every girl safely in the driver's seat!

Q: What if I need more booths?
Fill out the Troop Business Plan Submission 2017/18 form and tell us more about your needs and goals so we can help assess what actions can help your cookie business grow.

Q: HELP, I have a parent who has not turned in the money for cookies owed. What can I do?
Do not pay for these cookies from your troop proceeds. Communicate all issues as early as possible to our and include your troop number, the name of the girl and the reason (if any) for non-payment. Send a copy of the signed parent permission form and the receipt signed by the parent when they picked up the cookies. The parent will then be contacted by the product team or by council.

Q: Where can I get more information about deposit slips and money?
Read the Deposit Slip FAQ guidelines to have all your questions answered.

Q: We don't want to sell cookies. Can we opt out?
As long as every girl scout has been given the opportunity or choice to sell products, they don't have to do so. If the entire troop chooses to forgo cookie sales, you may do so by filling out the Girl Scout Cookie Program Opt Out Agreement form. 

Q: Is there a family checklist that has all the dates and information a parent would need to know?
Why yes, there is. It's the last page of the the Meeting in a Box document.

Q: What does girl-led really mean? Realistically I can't let my daughter make all the decisions on her own.
Watch this short video: What do grown ups need to know about selling Girl Scout cookies?