The Most Amazing Experiences Start with Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a unique opportunity for our girls to not only earn money as a troop to use for activities and fun field trips, but also to develop important life skills. It is the largest girl program in our council with over 80% of Girl Scouts participating.

Service Unit proceeds from cookie sales

With each box of cookies costing $5, where does all that cookie "dough" go? 

  • Troop who participate receive $0.95 for every box they sell (average based on various earning opportunities),

  • $1.05 Cost of product, transportation, promotion, Service Unit proceeds, rewards, administrative costs and debt. ($2.05 is the related costs for specialty cookies retailing at $5.00 per package)

  • $2.26 supports direct service to girls and adults


Qualification Reminders

Troops that submitted Intent to Sell Cookie by noon on Saturday (11/17) should have received an email stating they qualify or if they were missing something. If it's a training that is missing, let the Registrar know that the missing trainings have been completed and I'll verify that everything is updated with the council reports to reflect as such.

Remember that if you are going to have adults register to help with cookie booths and such, try to get them registered sooner than later. Keep checking your troop roster for accuracy and if there is a girl or adult that is no longer participating, please communicate the situation with the registrar and the girl or adult can be moved as needed.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the December 6th Deadline. All Requirements must be met on or before this date!! Please note the Following Requirements for the 2020 Cookie Season:

  1. *Troop Financials have been submitted and approved. (they were due June 30)

  2. *Your Troop has a bank account with TWO Registered and Background check signers, these people are listed in MyGS as TREASURERS (can be same people as LEADERS)

  3. * Troop has TWO Registered and Background Checked LEADERS

  4. Troop has at least 3 unrelated girls

BOTH LEADERS need to have the following trainings completed (No Exceptions):

  • GS 101

  • Volunteer Essentials & Safety

  • Troop Finance

  • Leadership JumpStart

TROOP COOKIE MANAGER needs to have the following trainings (No Exceptions):

  • GS 101

  • Troop Finance

  • Volunteer Essentials

Questions? Contact

Important Cookie Dates


Begin on January 4, 2019

In Person Order Taking

Begin on January 5, 2019

Booth Sales

Start February 15, 2019


January 4th: Cookie Order period begins

February 8th: Depot day (AKA: Cookie Warehouse Day) see section below for more details

February 14th: Booth sales begin

March 8th: ALL SALES END

Cookie Depot day (aka: Cookie Warehouse day)

Saturday February 8th, 8:30am - 1:30pm

Each year, thousands of cases of cookies are dropped off at a warehouse in Tualatin. Each troop is invited to sign up for a time to come pick up their initial order from this warehouse. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP to make this all happen. It’s crazy chaos with so many cases going from point A to point B. No single person can do this. A lot of volunteers will sign up to volunteer on depot day a few hours before their cookie pick-up slot. Please consider helping out!

Important notes for warehouse day

1) Please confirm your pick-up time on Friday 2/7 - I sometimes need to nudge times around near the end to get the last few troops in. I attempt to contact those troops that are affected, but it is always best to check.

2) A few days before warehouse day I will put a freeze on the times so that I can start printing materials. It is important that you contact me directly if you MUST make last minute changes - please this should be last resort only.

3) It is important that you have enough vehicles to take your entire order in one trip, we are not prepared to split orders to allow you to make multiple trips - this wreaks havoc on our operation...don't do it!

4) It is your responsibility to count your cookies, sign for them, and count them again when you get home. IF you find that you arrive home with more or less cookies than you should, double, triple, quadrouple check, then contact me immediately so I can see if I have them on my end.

5) Warehouse day is hectic. Be calm, go with the flow, be prepared for a lot of traffic and directions. We're all volunteers and we're working the best we can to get the cookies out the door as quickly and smoothly as possible.

6) Make sure all the people who are coming to pick up know our Service Unit (SU8), Your Troop Number, Pickup time and LANE (1/2/3) and what they're expecting to get.


We are still in need of volunteers, particularly 11:30-1:30pm and "Tall Guys" (over 5'10"), please sign-up if you can. Thanks to all those who have already!

2019 Cookie Warehouse Volunteers

All information courtesy of our Depot Day Coordinator! Questions? Contact the Product Manager email at

There are 2hr slots, 3hr slots, and a few lucky souls who want to spend the whole day helping out. Dads, friends, teenagers looking for service hours, Cadette+ GS all welcome. For more information, contact Christal Sanders >

Cookie Booth Key Info

NEW! Booth Assistant Workshop: The new and updated Booth Assistant Workshop training required for all adults helping at a booth is now updated and available! This training is a great way to set expectations with all adults helping at booths. All adults helping at booths are required to take this training, including TPMs. To take the training adults need to:

  1. Follow this link

  2. Answer the questions along the way.

  3. Once done, follow the link provided to complete a short form.

  4. Attendee will receive an email confirmation upon completion.

How do we know someone took the training?

  • The confirmation email can be shared with leaders to prove completion. (FASTEST option)

  • Attendee can see completed training available on their My GS account. (Approx. 3 days after being taken)

  • SU team will have access to completion information on membership/training reports provided twice a week.  (Since attendance may not be recorded for up to 3 business days after it is taken, when it shows up on the bi-weekly SU reports may take even longer). 
    ** I can look up requests if sent to Registrar to Confirm. 

Can troops show the training at their parent information meeting?

  • YES! The tricky part is making sure the families get credit.

  • TPMs should take attendance/have a sign in. Provide attendance date, email, first name, last name, phone number and troop number.

  • Forward that list to and we’ll work on getting the trainings entered for all attendees.

  • It may take up to 3 business days for the individual’s records to be updated.

Where and when can I sign up for booths?

  • January 14th First round of reserving booths at 8:15pm (if your troop helped during the cookie rally, you have first pick-of-choice at 8:00pm) on eBudde

  • January 15th: Second round of reserving booths at 8:00pm on eBudde

  • January 17th: Third round of reserving booths at 8:00pm on eBudde

  • January 20th: Fourth round of reserving booths at 8:00pm on eBudde

What if someone else has the booth and time I want?

NEW THIS YEAR: you can click “Notify Me If Slots Open” next to a booth that you’re interested in. There’s no limit to how many people can be waitlisted on a booth, nor how many booths you waitlist for. Once a booth is dropped or cancelled, those that are waitlisted for it will be notified via email within minutes that it is available. At that point, it is first-come, first-serve to the person who goes in eBudde and claims it. If you were on the waitlist for that booth, but didn’t reserve it in time, you will remain on the waitlist in case it’s dropped again. The process will repeat itself thereafter.

Do I need to post on FaceBook that I’ve dropped my booth?

No. Those that are waiting for you booth slot should have clicked “Notify me if slots open” and they will get an email saying that your booth has become available.

What do I do if I run out of cookies during my cookie booth sale?

NEW THIS YEAR: you can exchange cookies inside eBudde under the Cookie Exch dropdown. Here, you can look for the cookies you need, or you can tell the community what cookies you have extra of.

Tools & Resources for Cookie Success

Cookie sales apps for mobile devices

Safety is our first priority

Before participating in any money-earning Girl Scout activity, it is super important that girls and adults review the following materials—and remember to print and sign the Internet Safety Pledge.


Cookie FAQ's

Q: What are the approved selling methods my troop and I can partake in?
Read the Approved and Prohibited Selling Methods document to make sure your troop is putting every girl safely in the driver's seat!

Q: HELP, I have a parent who has not turned in the money for cookies owed. What can I do?
Do not pay for these cookies from your troop proceeds. Communicate all issues as early as possible to our and include your troop number, the name of the girl and the reason (if any) for non-payment. Send a copy of the signed parent permission form and the receipt signed by the parent when they picked up the cookies. The parent will then be contacted by the product team or by council.

Q: Where can I get more information about deposit slips and money?
Read the Deposit Slip FAQ guidelines to have all your questions answered.

Q: I need more cookie order forms and/or envelopes, where can I get them?
Contact Christal Sanders with your request.

Q: We don't want to sell cookies. Can we opt out?
As long as every girl scout has been given the opportunity or choice to sell products, they don't have to do so. If the entire troop chooses to forgo cookie sales, you may do so by filling out the Girl Scout Cookie Program Opt Out Agreement form. 

Q: Is there a family checklist that has all the dates and information a parent would need to know?
Why yes, there is. It's the last page of the the Meeting in a Box document.

Q: What does girl-led really mean? Realistically I can't let my daughter make all the decisions on her own.
Watch this short video: What do grown ups need to know about selling Girl Scout cookies?