Serving Girl Scouts in the North Beaverton Area

We are Service Unit 8, part of Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington, serving more than 900 Girl Scouts and their families in the North Beaverton area. Our service unit has three branches, organized around Stoller, Five Oaks/Meadow Park, and Cedar Park middle schools, so that girl and families can more easily connect with other Girl Scouts in their neighborhoods. We hold a monthly volunteer meeting to update the leaders and parents on events, activities, and important information regarding Girl Scouts in our area. It is also a chance for leaders to network, share information, and get new ideas from other leaders.

Meet your service unit team

Meet the team and find out who to contact for all your questions.

Tools for volunteers and leaders

Learn what you need to get started before you begin meeting with your new girls scouts.

where is service unit 8?

Find out what constitutes as Service Unit 8 and learn about our 3 branches.

Connect with other volunteers

Monthly volunteer meetings are designed to provide support, resources, and more.


network with other volunteers and make new friends!


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